"And the spiral of everything, its vibration spreads in turns: the movement does not rest."

Octavio Paz

Defendemos, promovemos y difundimos los derechos de las niñas, niños y adolescentes en el Estado de Oaxaca

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Core Ideals : Origin, Mission, Vision and Values:

Espiral por la Vida, A.C, is a civil and non profit organisation, founded in Oaxaca in 2005 by a group of professionals and academics, committed to social development and the fulfillment of human rights in the communities of Oaxaca:

Our Mission: Provide accommodation and professional services to girls, boys, young people and women in Oaxaca for the development, defense and exercise of their human rights.

We envision an Oaxaca with more just and equal communities, that listen to the voices of the girls, young people and women as the fundamental players of social change and for the society that respects the dignity and the rights of all.

The values that guide us towards reaching our vision. In order to guide and orient the everyday actions of our staff, Esperal Por La Vida outlines the following institutional values:

  • Social commitment to the human rights of all.

  • Professionalism, integrity and the spirit of service

  • Respect for all forms of life and for sustainability for future life.

  • Transparency and Trust.

The Board of Directors: are as follows : President : Patricia Esther Mena Ledesma; Secretary: María del Carmen Castillo Cisneros; Treasurer: Aurora Vignau Ruíz and Members: Andrés Roberto González Silva and Blanca Rosa Castañón Canals.

Our services: are orientated firstly to generate cultural changes that eradicate discrimination against girls, boys, young people and women in all of our areas.

Our organisation structure and work have been orientated towards an intense research work and theoretical methodological support in national and local legal instruments of DDHH and the international human rights treaties, most prominently, The Convention on the rights of the child and its optional protocols, the Convention against discrimination of all forms against the woman (CEDAW) and the International Convention against all forms of racial discrimination.

To strive towards our proposed goals, as an organisation, in our strategic plan 2019-2022, each requires each staff member in our structure to complete our respective responsibilities each day and together we will make our aim of accomodating and supporting over 1700 people until 2022, a reality.

It is important to mention that we have compiled our proposed strategies from the Sustainable Development Goals, from the UN, in order to tie in with the 2030 Agenda and unite with the global alliance.