Social Objective

  • Advocate for, promote and share the rights of girls, boys and young people in the state of Oaxaca.
  • Develop community programmes and projects.
  • Promote youth participation in activities that recognises that young people are the drivers of social change.
  • Generate activities to develop the skills of women, girls and indigenous youth.
  • Provide legal advice and psychological support to the inhabitants of communities and municipalities in all regions of the State.
  • Promote a culture without addictions, directed especially at the younger population, alert those about the health impacts and the quality of life that addiction, the modern slavery, provides.

Our story



In the three years of the work of Espiral Por La Vida, we have carried out activities in 150 educational centres and in more than 120 communities throughout the 8 regions of the state of Oaxaca, being a point of reference on the theme of human rights of the younger population in the state, both for government agencies and for the networks of civil organizations with whom we participate in joint actions.


All the projects that we have developed have had a great social impact in public spaces, generating transformation and development throughout the promotion of alternatives, in order to face the situations of risk and/or conflict that are present in the communities of young girls and women, female high school students as well as women leaders or those in community positions.  We establish with them, networks that strengthen the elements and favorable resources that they possess, so that they perceive themselves as actors in social change.


We participate actively in the construction of public policies, as well as municipal and as state, as well as in the promotion and lobbying of state laws or reforms in favor of girls, boys and adolescents, such as the country’s first Law in favor of the Rights of this sector of the population, the modification of the Civil Code to establish the age of majority in marriages, promotion of programs to eradicate gender violence, promotion of justice in cases of pedophilia, promotion and dissemination of preventive measures against teenage pregnancy, among others.


Since the establishment in 2005 until the end of 2008, Espiral por la Vida has worked on a method to combat violence through the promotion of a culture of peaceful resolution in the conflicts and rehabilitation related to addictions. We achieved the systematization of our model of innovative and effective practices with a high impact on the generation of youth promoters, in communities in the 8 regions of the State of Oaxaca in which it was implemented, with an impact of 4,519 beneficiaries, some of whom still they work for the youth of their communities.


From 2009 to 2013, the institution was the state operator for the ConstruyeT programme ( Secretary of Public Education, UNICEF and PNUD), with the objective being the promotion of the coexistence of the culture of peace and no violence and the generation with the atmosphere of inclusion and respect in the educational community. Espiral was present throughout this project at 100 high schools in the state of Oaxaca, with an impact on more than 45,000 young people and with a documented result of decrease in dropout by two percent in the schools in which we worked.


Since 2014, the institution emphasised its work and attention to the promotion of gender equality with development projects in favour of girls, adolescents and the women of Oaxaca. 


Some of which are the Generation of protocols for the care of the daughters and sons of Women Victims of Violence treated at the Justice Centers for Women in the State of Oaxaca; Program for the promotion of sexual rights and prevention of adolescent pregnancy and support guide in the sexual education of young women to recognize their sexual rights and promote responsibility for the exercise of responsible sex; Projects to promote leadership of young women, through community youth assemblies which is an experience of the exercise of the right to participation of young women in municipalities of indigenous predominance in the 8 regions of the State of Oaxaca; Active participation in working groups for the eradication of sex tourism with children and adolescents in Oaxaca and generation of support networks between the government, the tourism sector and civil society;


In 2016, we carried out exercises for coordination and cooperation through graduates and seminaries for gender equality in the Universities in the State of Oaxaca and for the IMO, as well as the edition of Manuals for the political participation of women: “Manual for the prevention and care of violence from municipal unions in Oaxaca” and “Manual for the training of women in community municipal positions for the prevention and care of violence against women women


During 2017 and 2018, we participated in the call for the Pro Equity  Program, operated by the National Institute of Women, InMujeres, with whose financial support we achieved the design and operation of the projects:

  • “Integration of youth teams of rights advocates for political participation of women in Oaxaca” , with the objective to encourage political participation of women in the spaces of public representation, through the process of capacity building and empowerment of women leaders and in places of authority and young high school students, in 5 municipalities from the Sierra Juárez: Quiotepec, Nvo Zoquiapam, Ixtlán de Juárez, Ixtepeji and Aloapam.
  • And “ Citizens Observatory for the Defense of the Political Rights of Serrana Women”, as a continuation of the previous project of 2017, with the same objective of training and empowering women leaders, authorities and young students but expanding with Guelatao, Capulalpam, Natividad, Xiacuí and Jaltianguis ,, to a total of 10 municipalities in the Sierra Juárez, Ixtlán District, Oaxaca State, and empowering a total of 76 women, 20 of whom formed the Observatory.